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  1. Hi everyone,  long time since I've posted,  life has changed so much for me because of the pandemic, I'm concentrating on home and family much more so creativity has taken a bit of a back seat or how I'm being creative has changed. For instance I just spent the afternoon gardening, well planting seeds and hoping they'll survive. My garden is slightly on the wild side (bit like me) and I find little surprises as I walk around, like the Lily of the Valley I had forgotten about or the amazing Aqualegea that grow from cracks in the patio. All inspiring stuff. So hope you can get time to appreciate the little things because its still a crazy world out there.

    Lilly of the Valley


    Harebell on oxidised stem by A Peach

  2. Hi everyone,  so I've started back to jewellery classes at Touchmark Studios. Great to get back and catch up with friends and feel the inspiration and support that comes from working with others.

    So here's my first necklace of the year. Adding silver surrounds to my aluminium, does it make it more stylish ? You tell me.


    1st Necklace of 22 by Anita Peach