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  1. Hi everyone,

    All these Butterfly trips the last few years have had an effect on me and I've been thinking of ways I can incorporate these wonderful creatures into my work. Some of you may remember the earrings I made but I've been threatening to add some ceramics to my website for, well I can't remember how long. So here at last is something I have made that I think will compliment my jewellery and be a product I can develop further.

    orange butterfly dish

    Made from Porcelain, these tiny dishes are for putting your rings or necklace in until you wear it again,or anything tiny you wish to store in view.

    Butterfly bowls, porcelain by A Peach


    OH and in case you are wondering what happened to the Green man, Well I made a few but they didn't come out quite like I expected them to, colours were a bit dark and muddy. Back to the drawing board on that project.

    Green Man fired

  2. Well here we are at the end of September and my world is still very much the same as it was earlier this year. I'm spending most of my time at home going out walking when I feel its safe but mostly keeping busy around the house and garden.

    With no shows and no galleries currently selling my work I've been free to try out all sorts of projects that have been on the back burner. I've been working my way through a great book called DRAW PAINT PRINT like the GREAT ARTISTS by Marion Denchars.  Its designed to loosen you up by trying different methods and using different materials. There are a series of exercises to do and I'm loving it, just like being back at art college. 

    Heres my first attempts at monoprinting.

    Creative Magpie sketch

    Hare Sketch by me 

    Since my last entry I've also got out the watercolours and finished a map showing all the places we have visited in the last 4 years to try and complete Rob's quest to photograph all of Britains Butterflies. Its now proudly hanging in his home office.


    This month I finally got the clay out and made some Green Men in preparation for a project with our local church and today I have been back on the wheel. Well it was more like mud wrestling and I'm covered in clay but hey it was fun.  Planning on making some porcelain jewelry next, depends on space in kiln.

    Green Man by A Peach