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  1. So far so good.  I've been able to complete 5 days a week each week and some days have surpassed the 10000 steps by quite a bit. Also I've had such great support and we have raised over £1000. I'm so thrilled to have achieved this.

    I've been lucky with the weather and managed to stay dry, plus also enjoyed some lovely sunny days with birds singing, flowers coming out and enjoying walking with my partner Rob who is always a constant source of inspiration.


  2. So you may wonder why someone who describes themselves as a jewellery designer is making chickens ?  Well lockdown has made us all behave a bit peculiar and I have been making things that have been on a  sort of Craft Bucket List.  As some of you will know I used to make Raku Birds and I've always fancied a couple of chickens in the garden, so I made some .



    They will be part of an Easter trail in our village and then I'll plant them somewhere in the flower border.

    Jewellery, I have to admit is on hold whilst I search for inspiration plus on top of that I am in middle of my Steps Challenge where I'm trying to do 10000 steps 5 days a week for the Charity Different Strokes. Thats going really well and I've almost doubled the target amount I was trying to raise but I am very tired some nights. Head on over to and search for Anita Peach to see my daily updates.