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  1. Its the 4th day of my steps challenge (See last 2 blog entries) and I have to admit to feeling tired tonight BUT I have managed 10000 or more steps every day and I can't remember the last time I did that 4 consecutive days , so week one is going well.

    Just thought I'd share these 2 photos with you of unusual things I've seen on my walks . Theres always a surprise around the corner !

    face in tree Hill Lane

    and this on a railway bridge

    Star Wars grafiti

  2. The Journey of 1000 miles begins with one step.   Lao Tzu

    I had to google him to see who Lao Tzu was.  Basically a Chinese Philosopher from the 6th Century.

    Anyway I'm not aiming at 1000 miles just 10000 steps a day  4 days per week throughout March.

    Today is the first day of my Steps Challenge and as I write this my total is 11423 steps after doing 2 walks, one this morning and one this afternoon. I don't feel too bad and didn't fall asleep this afternoon so I'm pleased about that.

    Anita Ralphs Wood

    thats me checking my fitbit to see if I can head back home. I've had lots of support and have almost reached the target of £500 already thanks to all your generous support. Thankyou everyone who has donated in such difficult times I'm so pleased to be able to help  Different Strokes support younger Stroke Survivors.