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  1. Its a long time since I made an entry on my blog page. Its not that I’ve been uninspired, just busier than normal and to be honest, I’m not used to it. In the last year and a half we have all slowed down, and I have to admit I quite liked it. No pressures or deadlines, time to try new things, even got a few chores done that have been hanging around for years.

    I’ve also been out photographing butterflies this summer, did I mention my partner got his final picture in his quest to photograph all of Britain’s Butterflies ?  The Purple Emperor, once it emerges its only around for a few weeks so with the weather being so unpredictable the window of opportunity was small.

    Purple Emperor 1

    Anita photographing blue butterflies

    Chalkhill Blue

    We’ve got the kiln up and running again and Jewellery classes at Touchmark Studios have re started  and it was great to meet up with my jewellery buddies the last 2 weeks, although there was more talking than making.

    I’m picking up again with the idea of fur and feathers although I think it would be more accurate to call this collection Nature’s Patterns as its all based 

    on butterflies, moths, flowers and bird feathers.

     So this is my first pair of earrings I’ve made in months. 

    Guinee Fowl Spotty Earrings by A Peach

    Its good to be back. Re-normalising one step at a time !

  2. Yesterday I completed the March On Steps Challenge and I just want to say THANK YOU to all my supporters who raised £1230 for the Different Strokes Charity.

    If you remember I aimed to walk 10000 steps per day for 5 days each week. As a stroke survivor myself this was quite challenging and part of the reason I havn't made many blog entries this month was because I was so tired some nights, but I updated the charity page at just Giving each evening with my progress which you can still see at

    I completed the challenge doing 278072 steps on the challenge days in March, an average of 12090 steps each day and a total of 94.25 miles.  Some days weren't without obstacles as you can see below and apart from the day we had to cross a rhyne and the bridge had dissapeared so I had to walk all the way back, my walks were very enjoyable.

    Thanks again to all my supporters and especially Rob my partner who always knows how to help me achieve my goals.

    steps photos summary