Rostra Gallery in Bath now stocking my work

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I'm pleased to announce you can now buy my work from The Rostra Gallery in George Street, Bath. Their website has location details and opening times, visit

New for Rostra

They are stocking my flower themed work along with some new pieces based on moths. Yes you read that correctly. I've been trapsing around the country with my partner Rob who is trying to photograph all the British Butterflies over next few years. I quite often sit down and draw or just watch and I seem to have seen more moths and I'm astounded at how colourful they can be. Also the butterflies & moths are more often hanging from a branch like this Brimstone Butterfly so its a completly different shape and you get to see the underside of the wings which can be completly different  & more colourful than the normal view we are used to.

Brimstone 4 blog


Jersey Tiger Moth 4 blog. jpg


this has led to my new designs which can be seen at The Rostra Gallery in Bath which also has some beautiful stained glass butterflies larger than life and really stunning.


moth earrings for blog on branch


3 moths 4 blog

Burnett moth on chain

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