North Somerset Butterfly House

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If you've been following my blog you'll realise butterflies have become a big thing in my life. My partner is trying to photogrpagh all the British ones of which there are about 52. (Don't quote me on that) so we have been travelling all over and discovering some amazing places here in Britain. However, this damp wet weather isn't good as they only fly when its nice and sunny, so on Sunday to cheer him up we went to The North Somerset Butterfly House in Yatton, North Somerset, which has tropical butterflies like this beautiful Emerald Green Swallowtail, or the Blue Morpho.

Emerald Green Swallowtail Butterfly

They have a slightly luminous glow to them, just like my aluminium jewellery.

Blue Morpho

Its a great place to take the kids. Very educational and just lovely to stand and watch huge butterflies flying around you.

Heres a Glasswing butterfly, just like a stained glass window !


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