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Well now the arts week is over and I've had time to collect my thoughts, tidy the house, do some gardening and plan my next moves.

As I have no more definate events in the near future and as holidays and butterfly expeditions are on the horizon I have decided to finish off some projects that have been on the back burner for a while.

Jewellery wise I have a very overdue commission to finish for a friend which involves some silversmithing techniques I havn't tried yet. Argh !! scary  and some unfinished ideas to make pieces to match some of my dresses that are really bright and colourful.

earrings to match my dress

spotty earringThe dress

Theres also the garden to sort out. I've realised its too late to plant some of the seeds I bought when on a recent walk I noticed how many wild flowers are out in the hedges. I'm not great at knowing their names so I've got myself an app so I can identify what I see when I'm out walking. I'll post some of my results later this weekend.

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