New Years Eve

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New Years Eve, a time for reflection and resolutions. Looking back, no one could have imagined this year would turn out as it did. For many a year where nothing happened, for others a year that changed their lives.

I have found myself feeling sad and apprehensive these last few days but a few mornings ago I woke up to this view from my window.

rainbow of hope for blog

There seem to have been an unusually large amount of rainbows this month and considering the special meaning they have taken on this year it could be seen as a sign that nature is telling us" There is hope ".  So I'm going into the New Year as usual with a Rum & Coke and a list of things I want to achieve. (thought I'd better lighten the mood there)

I'd like to thank The NHS and ALL KEY WORKERS that have kept our country running in such difficult times and to wish each and every one of us a Happier new Year.

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