Rain and Chickens

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So you may wonder why someone who describes themselves as a jewellery designer is making chickens ?  Well lockdown has made us all behave a bit peculiar and I have been making things that have been on a  sort of Craft Bucket List.  As some of you will know I used to make Raku Birds and I've always fancied a couple of chickens in the garden, so I made some .



They will be part of an Easter trail in our village and then I'll plant them somewhere in the flower border.

Jewellery, I have to admit is on hold whilst I search for inspiration plus on top of that I am in middle of my Steps Challenge where I'm trying to do 10000 steps 5 days a week for the Charity Different Strokes. Thats going really well and I've almost doubled the target amount I was trying to raise but I am very tired some nights. Head on over to and search for Anita Peach to see my daily updates.

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