Welcome to the website of Anita Peach.  Here you will find examples of my work and information about the materials I use. Follow my social media pages or read my blog to see what inspires me or what I've been up to recently. At the moment I am taking a break from selling but if you see something you really like contact me via the contact page, it might still be available.

  • New for Rostra
  • contemporary Green man by A Peach
  • Turquoise aluminium Wren necklace
  • Butterfly bowls 3
  • Bird Brooches Anodised Aluminium Photo Paul Mounsey
  • Raku Puffin by A Peach

more about me

I was a potter before I became a jeweller. Now , well I'm not sure what to call myself.  Designer / maker seems to fit the bill as that describes what I do.  I design something, then work out the best way to make it and which materials to use. I have a background in Technical Graphics and Cartography and a BA Honours Degree in 3D Design so I bring a range of skills into my work.